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Heritage Public School with all its might welcomes you. HPS is a school with an innovative vision in the field of education and personal excellence. Remarkably, HPS adhere to the very basic purpose of international standard of education. HPS is heading towards a deviation from the conventional system of education. This however doesn’t mean departure from the actual teaching and educating practices. The fundamental concept of the school is to reduce the generation gap in the entire field, by the time the students get matured enter into the practical aspect of life. HPS is the new meaning to a new dimension of education pattern.

HPS is not just a school. It is a place where the cradle of wisdom lies. It is a place where the children learn more practically about body, mind, world and the scientific developments. A home in your soulful learning, that is what HPS is bringing in truth, light and life to the dawnlit mountains.

Since from the foundation it is a matter of pride to see our school becoming a prestigious institution for a world descending in values and morals institution like HPS can uphold and keep up the societal demands. The strong and upright administration is surely a model for the rest, both in academics and extra curricular excellence. That is what HPS stands for. 


Shyam Sundar Sharma

Schools are like temples which help enlighten the mind and behavior of students and teachers are the artisans who shape children under their guidance, for. And that’ you expect us to carry out our task with prime full responsibility. Therefore, we are committed and endeavors for overall development of your children. We believe in focusing on various dimensions of growth for a child and not just academics. Learning methods in our school incorporate multiple intelligence. We believe in setting the bar high with our system of holistic learning. We believe in showing you the difference we make. But it’s possible only by your full support and cooperation. It includes your extreme support and responsibility also you too have responsibilities. Actually children lives with us for 6 hrs. and 3 times more i.e. 18 hrs. with you in a day Therefore, you should three times more vigilant than we people. It is only and consistent our collective efforts that from both sides can help your children achieve success. Actually children lives with us for 6 hrs. and 3 times with it 18 hrs. with you in a day.

The Heritage Public School is to contribute to our country’s transformation towards development and progress through education, which can be considered as a pillar for any development. Nothing will be more satisfying than to see our efforts becoming fruitful, making us part of the progress. The Heritage Public School seeks to provide equal opportunities in education to backward students, imparting knowledge through joint effort by all school staff and management committee. At present situation our nation requires true nationalist for the reformation and prosperity. So, We made ourselves to maintain the mission of the school. Our School is to empower all its students to be problem solvers, users of technology, effective communicators and lifelong learners in a rapidly changing global community by providing challenging experiences in a safe, caring, supportive and co—operative environment and prepare them to be successful and happy in this highly competitive and challenging future global scenario. Step into our school and you will experience a caring atmosphere, where our teachers are more of mentors, guiding young minds and helping them discover the world.


The mission of heritage Public School is to empower all its students to be punctual, humble, effective communicators and lifelong learners in a rapidly changing global community. To be a centre of excellence in education which, in keeping with the rich heritage of India, will stress the simultaneous development of body, mind and spirit.


To prepare or to build a responsible younger generation with a healthy body and well trained mind who will meet the challenges of a global society while retaining there traditional values.


Slider Principal

The former name of Heritage Public School was Prachee’s Kingdom which was established in the year 2004 as a pre-school for kids. 

Thereafter the school has traversed a long journey growing with each passing day and finally in the year 2011 the name of the school is changed to Heritage Public School. It is now affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi.

We truly are a school with a difference ……….. who says children dislike school? One would get to see more smiling faces here than anywhere else.

Our aim is to mold young ones by infusing resounding and vibrating morality, strengthening character and knowledge so that they can convert themselves 

as responsible citizens with a strong personality, character, god-fearing, patriotic and to show the way, with the right perspective that everyone can face the challenges of the modern-day. 

We applaud their effort more than just a high score.

Our school emblem signifies the continued growth and achievements of students. The school faculty aims to provide students with a sense of personal freedom where they can develop their academic potential and prepare to sour high in the real world.

Heritage Public School believes in quality, which has no substitute.